Over 1800 receive Jesus at Edmonton Exhibition

The following is the praise report of the wonderful work that the Lord did in our outreach from July 20th - 29th, 2006. Feel free to use the report as you wish. All glory to God

The “Angel’s Booth” team demonstrated again this year that we are “not to be ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation”. At the Capital Ex exhibition (formerly called Klondike Days), in Edmonton in July 2006, a multitude of people heard the “good news” and accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. A team of prophetic evangelists and intercessors went out to seek and to save the Lord’s lost sheep and 1862 people from different nationalities left the exhibition with eternal life.

The Lord says, “Go and preach the good news to all creation and teach them all things that I have commanded you” and so we went, willing in the day of his power to save. The gospel was preached comprehensibly and follow-up was well organized with prophetic discipleship teams ready to pray for and teach the new converts. This was the fruit of the labour of a team of 60 people, trained and led by outreach leader Rita Silverstein and a follow-up team trained by Kenton Rustulka. And because each team member had received the approval and blessing of their pastor, there was the collective authority of 30 churches joining together in the power of the united body of Christ.

The “Angel’s Booth” began 12 years ago and is a ministry of Every Home For Jesus, a non-denominational group of people from Edmonton and area. Coordinated by Lorne and Rita Silverstein, the organization is in relationship with about a dozen churches and pastors from the Edmonton region. In this outreach, a ministry to the marketplace, a booth is set up at trade shows and fairs in Edmonton and Calgary with the theme “Free Spiritual Readings”. Prophetic words with the love of the Father revealed in Christ the Son are shared to bridge people into the gospel.

Prayer was the major element before and during this outreach. The half of the booth that was set up as a prayer tent during the 10-day outreach was filled with people crying out for our inheritance of the nations. They pushed back the darkness and came into agreement with God’s destiny for the people he created.

Many Moslems were saved. In one case a middle-aged mother and adult daughter sat together for a reading. The mother received Jesus gladly but the daughter was troubled because of her religion. But when she heard how much Jesus loves Moslems, she smiled broadly and she too, accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Sikhs were saved and found out Jesus is the only way to God. Atheists became believers in Christ. So did big bike gang members.

Many families were saved. A father and mother and son and daughter, which constituted the entire family, received Jesus together. A father and his two sons who were into Scientology received Jesus together as their Saviour. A Christian mother brought her unbelieving husband and daughter to the booth and they received Jesus together.

Even some psychics were saved as we humbly sought to hear from God together with them. They discovered that there is a God who knows them and loves them and has real power to change their lives. Many of the salvations were teenagers. They came in groups of three or more. It was a joyous sight to see three teens all holding hands around a table receiving Jesus into their hearts together.

Also some of the seed sown in previous years of outreach had grown and bore fruit. A young man came to the booth just to tell us he had received the Lord two years ago at the booth and he had received a prophetic word that he would be “drumming for the Lord.” Today he is in a Christian band and is drumming for Jesus. A young woman visited the booth last year but did not accept the Lord. She came back this year to accept Christ.

Follow-up cards that were filled out before the reading provided further contact information and all who received Jesus were given the “Knowing Jesus Personally” Bible study, and a Bible if one was needed. We trust the Lord will not let one of them be snatched from his hand.

We give thanks to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to everyone who participated in the outreach as heaven and earth joined together in unity to bring in this precious harvest of souls.

Lorne and Rita Silverstein, Co-ordinators
Every Home For Jesus

P.S. If you would like more information please email us. Some photos from this year’s outreach are attached

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